Project Lifesaver’s PAL (Protect And Locate)

Tracking System Overview


Project Lifesaver’s PAL (Protect And Locate) tracking system is both a tracking device and a digital sports watch. PAL is worn on the wrist just like a normal wrist watch. The difference with PAL is that it will protect and locate your “At Risk” loved one if they wander.


Along with the digital watch/transmitter PAL also has a portable receiver which notifies the caregiver of a wandering event through the use of GSM & GPS technologies. If an “At Risk” individual wearing a PAL watch/transmitter breaches the PAL RF Perimeter the PAL portable receiver will sound an audible alert and the LCD display will flash red indicating your loved one has wandered from the RF Perimeter you have set. PAL will generate an email alert and send an SMS (text message) with the date and location of the wandering event. For the caregiver’s convenience, PAL also has an internet portal available that is accessible worldwide from any PC or smart phone and allows for real time tracking with regular location updates.

Additionally, the PAL transmitter/digital watch has a locking feature on the band which can only be removed by using a tool provided with the PAL system.

If the caregiver presses the “find” button on the portable receiver the PAL watch will determine the location of the individual and the address will be displayed on the portable receiver. If the “At Risk” individual wearing the PAL watch/transmitter is lost and chooses to push the panic button on PAL watch the address will be shown on the portable receiver. Both of these events will also update the internet portal and alert emails and/or SMS text message will be sent to the caregiver.  


For more information, contact our Community Relations Unit at (201) 915-1300.