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The office of the County Sheriff is divided into 3 Divisions, each commanded by an Under Sheriff:


Operations, Courts, and Administration Divisions.


The Operations Division has the following functions: the Detective Bureau, the Patrol Bureau, the Emergency Response Team (SWAT), Hostage/Crisis Negotiators, B.C.I., and the Community Relations Bureau. Three years ago, the Patrol Bureau established the Pittman Work Schedule that has successfully provided for the policing of the Hudson County Parks, County Roads, motor vehicle details, special event functions, County Wide Emergencies, Mutual Aide Mobilizations and Assistance, and the Night Transportation Unit which transports municipal arrests County Wide to the jail, serving to substantially reduce local agency down time, on a 24 hour/7 days a week basis at virtually no additional cost. The Detective Bureau which oversees the operations of the non-support, parental abduction and warrants units. The Division also performs court mandated transportation and extradition of prisoners, general investigations, the Bias Crime Unit, and oversees the operations of the Bureau of Criminal Identification. Sheriff Detectives are also assigned out for specialized assignments to other Law Enforcement Agencies that include the: F.B.I., D.E.A., Prosecutors Office, U.S. Marshals, Homeland Security, Secret Service, and the Jersey City Police Department.  Life saving emergency medical services is provided to all county facilities, roadways, and parks by 24 Sheriff Officers both assigned to Operations and Courts that are trained and certified as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs). Other services and programs offered by the Sheriff’s Office include, the Current Project Life Saver & Proposed Autism Programs with 24/7 Monitoring, Senior I.D. Card issuance & entry into the database for instant recall if needed, and the Three K-9 Teams & 1 currently being trained for patrolling in the county.


The Court Division has three functions: Expanded Court Security, Building Security, Prisoner receiving which presently is staffed by Sheriff Officers, and Security Guards. Personnel are assigned to the Criminal, Family, and Civil Courts and to the perimeter and entry posts at the Administration Building, Brennan Courthouse, Hudson Plaza, Meadowview, and numerous external facilities. Security Guards are utilized in lower profile security assignments where they are able to perform efficiently and effectively at lower operating costs. New Jersey Superior Court Mandates have expanded Sheriff Officer coverage to all Civil Courts and the employment of  additional bi-lingual Security Guards (outside funding), to effectively address community language barriers experienced by the ever growing number of Welfare clients seeking assistance during these tough economic times at the Hudson Plaza have impacted significantly on our resources. Part time Security Guards have been hired for week-end and holiday coverage to reduce the need for overtime. The Division also transports prisoners to and from the County Correctional Center, the Youth Detention Facility, and out of town & state pickups for court appearances.



The Administration Division incorporates the 911 Public Safety Telecommunication, the Security Guards, the Business Offices and Public Safety Concerns. The Business Office is a multi-function office which deals with civil court actions. The action of summonses and complaints received leads to the processing of writs of execution, which include wage and law executions and writs of possession and foreclosure. Law executions include bank, asset, rent, motor vehicle and real estate levies. Process Service consists of Sheriff Officers who serve notices on the aforementioned actions. Bi-Weekly, the Business Office conducts an auction of properties which are sold as a result of foreclosure.


Public Safety Concerns has two units: Weights & Measures and The Medical Examiner Liaison Division.  The Weights & Measures Bureau has the duties and responsibilities of registering, proactively investigating, responding to citizen complaints and the monitoring of all scales and measuring devices including gasoline stations for the protection of the consumer within Hudson County.  For the last two years, their workload was substantially increased when the City of Jersey City disbanded their Weights & Measures Unit and relinquished their control and responsibilities to the County Bureau. The Medical Examiner Liaison Division provides these various services to the County.  The Scope of Activities and Operating Costs associated with this Division are regulated by the State of New Jersey.


The Sheriff Office also provides a 24 hour 7 day a week county wide 911 alert system for 9 municipalities. Upon receiving an emergency 911 call, local jurisdictions are immediately alerted and the caller is connected to its first responder. Jersey City, Bayonne and Secaucus have 911 operations of their own but have relied on County 911 when their systems are inoperative. Many of the cell phone calls that they receive are from Jersey City Proper and Surrounding local and New York Area Municipalities placing an increased work load on the system & operators.


The Internal Affairs Unit must report directly to the Sheriff due to the nature of their investigations.

The Recruitment and Training Unit is critical to maintaining a first rate selection process and well trained personnel and must also report directly to the Sheriff.