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We are committed to delivering the highest degree of professional law enforcement services in Hudson County.

The Hudson County Sheriff's Office is the second largest law enforcement agency in Hudson County. Comprised of more than 300 dedicated personnel, the Office's responsibilities include a wide range of services and functions which assist the public, enhance the county's municipal police departments, and safeguard Hudson County’s judicial proceedings.  With a population of over 750,000, safeguarding the residents of Hudson County is an around-the-clock job. 

HCSO SO1.png

The Sheriff's Office is a 24-hour operation staffed by some of the best and most well-trained officers and civilians working in the field of law enforcement today. The Sheriff's Office is tasked with maintaining order and security in and around Hudson County's courthouses, Hudson Plaza, county parks, and other county venues. We assist the county's twelve municipal police departments and prosecutor's office in a variety of ways, such as motor vehicle accidents, municipal transportation, task forces, public gatherings, and all related law enforcement calls. We also have specialized response units, such as S.W.A.T., fatal crash investigations, and explosive and narcotics-detecting K-9s. Additionally, the Office is responsible for process service, writs, court orders, foreclosures, court executions, and criminal warrant arrests.​It is both a privilege and an honor to serve as the fifty-fifth Sheriff of Hudson County.​


If I can be of assistance, feel free to contact me at 201-915-1300.

"The Hudson County Sheriff's Office is committed to strengthening the bond between law enforcement and the community it serves."
Sheriff Frank X. Schillari 



On April 1, 2022, the Hudson County Sheriff's Office began phasing in the use of body-worn cameras.  Prior to the end of June 2022, all uniformed officers will be equipped with body-worn cameras.  The cameras shall be clearly displayed and placed on the officer's uniform apparel to maximize visibility and use, as depicted in the photographs below.

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