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Friday October 16, 2020

The Hudson County Sheriff’s Office K9 Unit is sad to announce the passing of one of our original K9’s.

K9 Tahoe was a 12.5-year-old German Shepard trained in explosive detection and patrol.


Tahoe began his career in October 2009, training with the Holmdel-Scotch Plains Canine Academy, graduating in May of 2010. Tahoe also graduated from the New Jersey State Police K9 Academy in June 0f 2010 and was a part of the Render Safe Task Force. Tahoe and his handler assisted in numerous explosive sweeps and patrol related K9 functions throughout his career.


Tahoe served the residents of Hudson County and the State of New Jersey for eleven years and will be greatly missed.

Hudson County Sheriff’s Office K9 Forrest 

To Get Donation of Body Armor


Hudson County Sheriff’s Office K9 Forrest will receive a bullet and stab protective vest thanks to a charitable donation from non-profit organization Vested Interest in K9s, Inc. K9 Forrest’s vest will be embroidered with the sentiment “Born to Love-Trained to Serve-Loyal Always”. Delivery is expected within eight to ten weeks.


Vested Interest in K9s, Inc., established in 2009, is a 501(c)(3) charity whose mission is to provide bullet and stab protective vests and other assistance to dogs of law enforcement and related agencies throughout the United States. This potentially lifesaving body armor for four-legged K9 officers is U.S. made, custom fitted, and NIJ certified. Since its inception, Vested Interest in K9s, Inc. has provided over 4,033 vests to K9s in all 50 states at a value of $6.9 million, made possible by both private and corporate donations.  


The program is open to U.S. dogs that are at least 20 months old and actively employed and certified with law enforcement or related agencies. K9s with expired vests are also eligible to participate. There are an estimated 30,000 law enforcement K9s throughout the United States. 


Vested Interest in K9s, Inc. accepts tax-deductible contributions in any amount, while a single donation of $960 will sponsor one vest. Each vest has a value of $1,744-$2,283, weighs an average of 4-5 lb., and comes with a five-year warranty. For more information, or to learn about volunteer opportunities, please call 508-824-6978. Vested Interest in K9s, Inc. provides information, lists events, and accepts donations at, or you may mail your contribution to P.O. Box 9, East Taunton, MA 02718.    

Hudson County Sheriff Frank X. Schillari

For Immediate Release: 3/9/2020



Hudson County Sheriff’s Office Arrests 59 in February Sweep

JERSEY CITY, NJ— The Hudson County Sheriff’s Office conducted an operation to take accused criminals off the streets, the February Sweep, the second sweep of 2020 by the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office under the leadership of Sheriff Frank X. Schillari, resulted in 59 arrests, which included 35 accused criminals and 29 for non-support.


Below is a list of the alleged criminals and the crimes for which they have been charged:




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Hudson County Sheriff’s Office Seizes Nearly Half a Ton of Marijuana

Marijuana Bust Valued at $1.5 Million


JERSEY CITY, NJ - On Friday, January 31, 2020, the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office under the direction of Sheriff Frank X. Schillari, with the assistance of the Department of Homeland Security, intercepted a tractor-trailer shipment of marijuana as it made a delivery to a Kearny warehouse. The tractor-trailer was loaded with 737 lbs. of marijuana with an estimated street value of $1.5 million.


“This is one of the biggest single marijuana busts in Hudson County history,” said Hudson County Sheriff Frank X. Schillari. “Our detective bureau deserves all the credit for an excellent job,

I’m proud to have them in my department serving and protecting the people of Hudson County.”


31-year-old Usman Ahmed of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada and 21-year-old Manjot Aujal of Poughkeepsie, NY were arrested and charged with first-degree possession of marijuana and first-degree manufacturing and distribution of a controlled dangerous substance.


Ahmed and Aujal were taken to the Hudson County Correctional Facility in Kearny. Under the new bail reform law they

were released and are awaiting their respective court dates. 

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Hudson County Sheriff’s Office Nabs 24 in Continuation of Autumn Sweep

The sweeps have taken dozens of accused criminals off the streets of Hudson County in just the last few months. 


HUDSON COUNTY, NJ -- The Hudson County Sheriff’s Office has arrested 24 more accused criminals as part of their autumn sweep in a continuous effort to keep our communities safe. These alleged criminals were arrested for crimes that include kidnapping, sexual assault, aggravated assault and burglary. 


“The Autumn Sweep initiative conducted by our office has taken eighty-three accused criminals off the streets in just a few short weeks,” said Hudson County Sheriff Frank X. Schillari. “When we allow these dangerous individuals to walk freely in our neighborhoods, the safety of every resident in Hudson County is at risk. We are making it clear each and every day that if you commit a crime in our community, you can run but you cannot hide.” 


The accused criminals were arrested for the following crimes: Theft, aggravated assault, burglary, possession of CDS, failure to register as a sex offender, possession of false documents, neglect of a child, robbery, kidnapping, terroristic threats, and carjacking.

Hudson County Sheriff’s Office Arrests 37 Accused Criminals in January Sweep



JERSEY CITY, NJ— The Hudson County Sheriff’s Office conducted an operation to take accused criminals off the streets, the January Sweep, the first sweep of 2020 by the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office under the leadership of Sheriff Frank X. Schillari, resulted in the arrests of 37 accused criminals.  


“Our Office remains committed to doing everything possible to protect the residents of Hudson County,” said Sheriff Frank Schillari. “The sweeps performed during 2019 were very successful and we are looking to continue that sort of success this year. My officers will continue to work tirelessly to protect and serve our community.”


Below is a list of the alleged criminals and the crimes for which they have been charged:


Possession of CDS:


Kezmen Torrez, 27 years old of Jersey City

Roland Camacho, 35 years old of Bronx, NY

Bejamin Woytas, 30 years old of Pennsylvania

Kimberley Schmidt, 44 years old of Kearny

Hector Rivera-Vasquez, 40 years old of Jersey City

Alexander Rodriguez, 25 years old of North Bergen

Melissa Hoffman, 48 years old of Pennsylvania

Steven Morales, 31 years old of Pennsylvania

Tammy Bland, 53 years old of Long Branch, NJ


Contempt of Court:


Tyree Stephens, 27 years old of Jersey City


Endangering the Welfare of Child:


Edward Nettles, 44 years old of Jersey City

Benjamin Rodriguez, 44 years old of Bayonne

Peter Jerome, 29 years old of Irvington, NJ

Edwin Rodriguez, 31 years old of Brooklyn, NY



Lena Bewley, 35 years old of Newark

Knowingly transmitting HIV:

Robert Franklin, 41 years old of Lithonia, GA


Harassment / Lewdness:


Elijah Alvarado, 22 years old of Lyndhurst, NJ


Failing to Register as a Sex offender:


Hector Rodriguez, 36 years old of Atlantic City, NJ


Violation of Restraining Order:


Enoque DaSilva, 40 years old of Bloomfield, NJ




Robert Quinn, 58 years old of River Edge, NJ for $146,268

Monty Maryland, 45 years old of Newark for $55,454


Fugitive From Justice:


Luthom Smart, 41 years old of Elizabeth, wanted out of NY state


Theft Charges:


Mohammed Tanko, 41 years old of Silver Spring, MD

Darnell Ballard, 37 years old of Brooklyn, NY

John Jenkins, 41 years old of Newark

Omar Ahmed, 23 years old of Jersey City

Jorge Games, 37 years old of Leonia, NJ

Howard Dunson, 55 years old of Brooklyn, NY

Jerome Spears, 47 years old- Homeless

Shaheem Brantley, 18 years old of Newark

Judith Henix, 31 years old of Newark

Unlawful Possession of a weapon:


Gabrian Hidalgo, 40 years old of Jersey City

Amaru Allen, 21 years old of Jersey City




Haywood Pierce, 20 years old of Jersey City

Danny Morales, 41 years old of Newark with also charges of Theft

Conrad Mack, 59 years old of Jersey City


Robbery Charges:


Gregory McClain, 44 years old of Jersey City

The above charges are merely accusations, and the defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty. 

autumn Sweep 24 12-4-2019.jpg

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Hudson County Sheriff’s Office Arrests 38 Accused Criminals in October Warrant Sweep 

Action was directed by Sheriff Frank X Schillari and extended across Hudson County


HUDSON COUNTY, NJ -- Under the direction of Sheriff Frank X. Schillari, the Hudson County Sheriff’s office has taken 38 accused criminals off of the streets as part of its “Autumn Sweep” operation. The warrant sweeps have been conducted throughout Hudson County in order to keep local residents safe and ensure that accused criminals stand trial and are not allowed to evade the criminal justice system. 


“I am incredibly proud of our officers for the work that they have done to protect the people of Hudson County,” said Sheriff Schillari. “By taking these alleged criminals off our streets, we are ensuring the safety of all our residents and improving the quality of life in our communities. My office is sending a clear message to these individuals that if you break the law and commit a crime, there are consequences. With each arrest, we are accomplishing our core goal of promoting safety in all 12 Hudson County municipalities.” 


The charges in the involved arrests include accused crimes of aggravated assault with a firearm, robbery, terroristic threats, criminal sexual contact and unlawful possession of a weapon charges. These warrant sweeps are conducted throughout the year and demonstrate the commitment of the Sheriff’s Office to getting dangerous individuals off of Hudson County streets.   More info Click here

Mugshots Individuals apprehended for web



The Hudson County Sheriff’s Office Add’s Two New K9’s to Stay Ahead of the Curve


          Jersey City – Hudson County Sheriff Frank X. Schillari announced today that he is adding two new narcotics dogs to his departments K9 Unit.  The new dogs, Leia, a Silver Labrador Retriever and Aries, a Belgian Malinois, started the Training Academy on March 11th. Leia will be trained in narcotics detection. Aries will be trained in narcotics detection and patrol. They graduate in June.


“The legalization of marijuana looks like it will be a reality in the near future. When it becomes legal, we will no longer be able to use our current K9 to establish probable cause.” Sheriff Schillari said.  “The two new K9’s will be trained to detect narcotics, but not marijuana. We are planning ahead. If and when legalization occurs, we will be ready to go. We want to be ahead of the curve so we can still combat illegal narcotics effectively.”


In the event marijuana remains illegal, the new dogs can be trained to detect marijuana. The Sheriff’s Office currently has one narcotics detection K9. The current K9 will remain in service because it can still be used to detect other narcotics and is trained to track and apprehend criminals the Sheriff Said.


The Hudson County Sheriff’s Office K9 Unit has a total of nine K9’s, including the two new dogs. Five K9’s are trained in Explosives Detection and Patrol, one K9 is trained in Narcotics detection and Patrol, and one is a bloodhound used for human tracking.  Besides tracking bad guys, the Sheriff’s K9 Unit is part of the Sheriff’s Community Outreach Plan and regularly conducts demonstrations on how the K9’s work. For more information Sheriff Schillari says just call the K9 Unit at 201-915-1300 Ext:7050 and they will gladly speak with you or set up a demonstration.

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Statement from Hudson County Sheriff Frank Schillari

on Pedestrian Struck in James J. Braddock Park


NORTH BERGEN, NJ -  Statement from Hudson County Sheriff Frank X. Schillari regarding a pedestrian struck in James J. Braddock Park today.


"Shortly after 9 a.m. this morning the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office and North Bergen Police Department responded to a report of a woman struck by a car in James J. Braddock - North Hudson County Park.


The crash occurred on Blvd East at the Entrance of the Bruin Stadium Parking lot.  The pedestrian, Yeoun O. An, 62 of North Bergen, was crossing the street when she was struck. The vehicle that struck the woman remained at the scene and the driver, Melone Smith, 61, of Paterson, is cooperating with the Sheriff’s Office. The victim was transported by North Bergen EMS and Jersey City EMS Paramedics to the Jersey City Medical Center where she remains with Critical Life threatening Injuries.


The Hudson County Sheriff’s Office Crash Investigation Unit and the Hudson County Prosecutors Regional Fatal Collision Unit responded to the scene.  The Crash remains under investigation, anyone who may have witnessed the crash can call the Sheriff’s Crash Investigation

Unit at 201-915-1300 Ext:7050 to speak with an investigator."


- Hudson County Sheriff Frank X. Schillari

Hudson County Sheriff’s Office Helps Promote Annual

“Put the Brakes on Fatalities Day”

JERSEY CITY, NJ -- Motorists in New Jersey and throughout the nation are asked to join a day-long effort on October 10, 2016, designed to increase awareness about safe driving behaviors and keep the State’s roadways fatality free for one-day.

Hudson County Sheriff Frank Schillari announced that his office is committed to traffic safety and reducing crashes within Hudson County, especially fatal crashes.

Known as Put the Brakes on Fatalities Day, the national initiative was designed to unite the country in moving toward zero fatalities for one full day by encouraging motorists to obey all traffic laws, including buckling up, every ride; driving the posted speed limit; avoiding distractions while driving; and always being safe and sober behind the wheel. Our goal is to experience a day when all roadway users are extra vigilant and there are no fatalities on our roadways.

To support this effort the Sheriff has his officers focusing on bad driving practices, such as Speeding, Distracted Driving and DWI.

“Though my officers are out there every day enforcing traffic laws, On October 10th they will be extra vigilant for those breaking traffic laws.” Sheriff Schillari said. “Tragically, last year we had a fatal crash on Oct. 10th, this year we are striving to have zero fatalities in Hudson County on Oct.10th.”

“Put the Brakes on Fatalities Day not only raises awareness about the individual responsibility we have for our driving behaviors, but also engages drivers in making positive changes behind-the-wheel every day of the year,” The Sheriff added.

Additional information on the “Put the Brakes on Fatalities Day” is available by logging on to  or contacting the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office Traffic Safety Bureau at 201-915-1300 ext:7050.


K9-3 Officer Samsn

K9 Officer Samson (badge K9-3)

Thursday January 25, 2018

Today I, along with chiefs and high ranking officers

from all over Hudson County, joined HudCo Prosecuter

Esther Suarez to announce the creation of the Hudson County Regional Fatal Collision Unit.

This new elite unit gathers the best fatal accident investigators

from various law enforcement agencies around the county, including our own Hudson County Sheriff's Office.