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Community Events 2

LBGTQ Flag Raising Hudson County Plaza on August 1, 2019


Save Latin America Festival Union City , NJ  9-8-2019


Puerto Rican  Flag Raising Hudson County Plaza on August 13, 2019

LBGTQ Flag Raising 8-1-2019
LBGTQ Flag Raising 8-1-2019
NB Police Academy 7-29-2019
NB Police Academy 7-29-2019
NB Police Academy 7-29-2019
NB Police Academy 7-29-2019

North Bergen Junior Police Academy with Hackensack University Medical Center's AirMed one helicopter.

Monday July 20, 2019

HALEA May 4, 2019.jpg
HALEA May 4, 2019.jpg

Hudson County Sheriff  Frank X. Schillari with Detective Zulma Cabrera  and the Sheriff's Office Color Guard

at the 32nd Annual Hispanic Law Enforcement Association Saturday May 4, 2019

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pic 2.jpg
pic 3.jpg

Hudson County Sheriff's Officers K-9 Demonstration at Hoboken Day Care 100

Friday, May 17, 2019

Shop w Cop 12-8-2018033.jpg
Shop w Cop 12-8-2018003.jpg
Shop w Cop 12-8-2018005.jpg
Shop w Cop 12-8-2018011.jpg
Shop w Cop 12-8-2018032.jpg
Shop w Cop 12-8-2018020.jpg
Shop w Cop 12-8-2018002.jpg
Shop w Cop 12-8-2018001.jpg
Shop w Cop 12-8-2018013.jpg
Shop w Cop 12-8-2018012.jpg
Shop w Cop 12-8-2018029.jpg
Sfop w Cop 12-8-2018021.jpg
Sfop w Cop 12-8-2018025.jpg
Sfop w Cop 12-8-2018028.jpg
Sfop w Cop 12-8-2018015.jpg
Sfop w Cop 12-8-2018004.jpg
Sfop w Cop 12-8-2018022.jpg
Sfop w Cop 12-8-2018007.jpg
Sfop w Cop 12-8-2018008.jpg
Sfop w Cop 12-8-2018017.jpg
Sfop w Cop 12-8-2018014.jpg
Sfop w Cop 12-8-2018026.jpg
Sfop w Cop 12-8-2018016.jpg
Sfop w Cop 12-8-2018006.jpg
Sfop w Cop 12-8-2018009.jpg
Sfop w Cop 12-8-2018010.jpg
Sfop w Cop 12-8-2018027.jpg
Sfop w Cop 12-8-2018031.jpg
Sfop w Cop 12-8-2018024.jpg
Sfop w Cop 12-8-2018018.jpg

Shop with a Cop  December 8, 2018

NB Winter Fest 2018
NB Winter Fest 2018
NB Winter Fest 2018
NB Winter Fest 2018
NB Winter Fest 2018

North Bergen Winter Festival 2018

pic 1.jpg

Hudson County X-mas tree lighting 2018

hannukah 2018 2.jpg
hannukah 2018.jpg

Hudson County Hanukkah lighting 2018


Secaucus Senior Breakfast 12-4-2018